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During the summer change of pace, I jump into additional reading.  For pleasure, I read  Perfect Match by Jodi Piccoult.  Her works often incorporate real life issues, this one of domestic abuse in a marriage. Piccoult's writings also reflect 
our human condition, stories of individuals grappling with imperfect lives to reveal meaningful living. Also on this list was Two Tents by Jim Haskell who records his learnings and reflections upon hiking the Appalachian Trail.42 Faith was recommended to me, a compelling story of Jackie Robinson who broke the deeply embedded color barrier in professional baseball.  Along side are the actions of team owner Branch Ricky who sought out Robinson and believed 
the time had come to break the segregation barrier; not just for sport but for the country.  The author consistently speaks of the faith backgrounds of these two individuals and the manner in which they were raised in the church.  A reminder 
of ethical teachings and morals during the early years becoming a foundation for the future.    Finally, I've been reading  The Road to Character by David Brooks.   This author presents the observation that much our society and many of its
leaders have strayed from the foundation of essential character to lure of power and prestige.  From his introduction, "We live in a society that...

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