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Pentecost marks 50 days after Easter.  Often called the 'birthday of the church', the book of Acts - chapter 2 - records the gift of the Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus.  A mystical and marvelous event is told of individuals with a multitude of native languages  understanding each other's speech despite their differences.  Just imagine!  People from different countries understanding ~truly understanding~others in their midst.  How we still pray for such in these days of community unrest, distrust of many institutions and the frequent absence of civil discourse in our nation's halls of leadership.  Let us still claim our faith that the Spirit of compassion and justice will rest once again upon the hearts of us all. 
May Pentecost come once again.
Rev. Charles



Reflections from BackBay Mission Biloxi, MS 2018

Thursday, April 12 After a 90 minute airport delay, it was off to DC  to see my daughters and birthday celebrations that evening.  Fortunate for me, the next day was the...

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