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With this fall newsletter, as in past years I share of my recent readings- particularly from summer. Two books of mystery/espionage, The Camel Club by David Baldacci and Deception Point by Dan Brown.Perhaps no social redeeming value, yet enjoyable. A marvelous story of a family with two young sons and health struggles which have shaped the family dynamics; Jodie Picoult’s Home Rules. Seems like all of her books present individuals as vulnerable with character flaws, just as any and all of us. I continue reading Grace in Aging by Kathleen Singh, an excellent read of how we might further awaken to life around us with the gift of years. Highly recommended.  Finally, two books speaking to issues of race before us:  Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  He writes to his young son of his W. Baltimore experiences as a black youth and how race will continue to stand before him in the years ahead.  Couple this work with Gilbert Mason’s who grew up in the south, completed medical school and opened a practice in Biloxi MS in the early days of the civil rights struggles; Beaches, Blood and Ballots.  Much of the setting is same community and streets where we have taken our  mission trips in recent years.  I am still taken back by the stories of discrimination and segregation in our nation’s history. I have been simply blind to the reality of white privilege over most of my years.

There are many books of reflection and...

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