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 With the dawn of Easter morning, Lent comes to an end.  The season of reflection and repentance comes to a close and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ; light conquering the shadows and hope surpassing despair.   Having just returned with our South Church group who volunteered at Back Bay Mission in Biloxi MS, we are touched by the deep faith and strength of personal character in those we met and their rising again after the devastation  of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.   In the midst of great loss of life and personal possessions, it was both humbling and inspiring to witness the resolve of dignity and character to claim hope as the foundation of their future.  Again and again we heard the words, "Thank you for coming" ... "You didn't forget us."  When God is at work, lives on both sides - Maine and Mississippi -  are transformed. This I believe with my whole heart.  And this I witnessed once again on Mississippi's Gulf Coast.  The promise of new life both within and beyond our local community.    Rev. Charles

   "Take more time, cover less ground"  Thomas Merton


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