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A new month.   A new year.   A new chapter to begin recording what impact and difference the celebration of Christ' birth now has in our lives.  Will this re-birth of ours be a mirror of the light we experienced in our Bethlehem journey? With the coming of our Annual Meeting on January 22, we mark the junction of where we have been and sharing a vision of what may lay ahead - our shared celebration of tomorrow's promises.  Some of these we have planned (such as the Back Bay Mission trip, the Bon Appetite Soup Kitchen schedule) and some of these will reveal themselves unexpectedly (such as the further significant water damage discovered a few weeks ago with previously needed work at the rear of the church).

What we do know is that God is the bridge between the known and unknown, between yesterday and tomorrow, between our differences and our common ground.  Gathered in 1838, may God's light shine through us as we enter our 179th year.   Charles

Epiphany ~January 6 ~ twelve days after Christmas ~ the traditional arrival of the magi or wise men.  The coming of light, the realization of God's presence."We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." Joseph Campbell 



     Winter Storm Statement...

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